Manuals Overview logo is delighted to announce it's new dealer arrangement with Jensales Inc. of Manchester, Minnesota. We can now offer a wide range of Manuals to FarmGrit customers, including Service Manuals, Operator, Parts and other manuals direct from the source provider of 20,000 manuals for agricultural equipment owner needs. 

About Jensales Inc.


Jensales Inc. is a classic story of necessity creating a business. In January of 1989 Warren D. Jensen, my father, began his search for a manual for his 1945 International Harvester Farmall “H”. He was restoring it as a hobby with his nephew.  After a six-month search, Warren finally found a manual for his “H”.  In the process, he learned that the person who had the manual also had manuals for other models, and was trying to sell them. Putting 2 and 2 together, he decided to try and sell manuals to help offset the cost of going to the tractor shows he liked so much.

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During the first months, he placed small classified ads in a few tractor enthusiast magazines.  Grad
ually, as the number of manuals in our library increased and as sales increased, he began advertising in more and more trade periodicals.  At present we are advertising in numerous national and international publications, maintain a robust ecommerce website and push our name out on social media and pretty much any platform that will listen!

We started with one manual, the service manual for the Farmall “H”. Now, 25+ years later, we have over 16,000 different Service, Operator’s, and Parts manuals in our library.  We have (or can obtain) manuals for almost every tractor made from 1910 to the present.  Of note, we now also offer our manuals as digital .pdf downloads for those that prefer that format.  We strive to use the best high tech tools to deliver an essential but low tech product, manuals.  We are always looking for new ways to grow, our ever expanding parts division has become a major element of the business in just a few years. We now offer the finest engine overhaul kits, cab interiors and pretty much anything else our customers might need!



We are here to help, to do great work. If there is a manual you need, we either have it or can probably get it. Same goes for parts. Give us a call or shoot us an email, our customers are why we are here!!


Paul W. Jensen

President and CEO