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886A671-97110A Nippondenso SCSA06C Compressor, w/ 1 Groove Clutch - New

886A671-97110A Nippondenso SCSA06C Compressor, w/ 1 Groove Clutch - New

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886A671-97110A Nippondenso SCSA06C Compressor, w/ 1 Groove Clutch - New Notes


IMPORTANT NOTE: This compressor must be charged while the engine is not running. Using the engine to pull refrigerant will result in compressor damage.

It is recommended the compressor be drained of all oil and the correct type/amount of oil be installed in the machine to OEM specifications.

The 886A671-97110A Nippondenso SCSA06C Compressor, w/ 1 Groove Clutch - New fits equipment brands such as: AGCO, Challenger, Kubota, Massey Ferguson

886A671-97110A Nippondenso SCSA06C Compressor, w/ 1 Groove Clutch - New Specs

  • Compressor Type Nippondenso
  • Compressor Model SCSA06C
  • Grooves 1
  • Clutch Diameter 4.80"
  • Fittings Offset Pad
  • Mount Type Direct
  • Coil Position 12:00
  • Volts 12V
  • Oil Type PAG 46 Oil / SP10 (Drain & Fill to OEM Spec)
  • Refrigerant R134A
  • New
  • Quality Aftermarket
  • Sold As Each
  • Warranty 1 Year

Cross Reference Numbers

This Part Fits These Machines

Fit Notes are displayed after the Model

MT285B MT295B MT297B
B3030HSDC B3030HSDCC L3240HSTCPrior to S/N 60139 L3430DTHSTC L3430GSTC L3430HSTC L3540HSTCPrior to S/N 60068 L3540HSTC-3Prior to S/N 60068 L3940HSTCPrior to S/N 60080 L4240DTHSTCPrior to S/N 60101 L4240HSTCPrior to S/N 60101 L4330DTGSTC L4330DTHSTC L4630GSTC L4630GSTDTC L4630HSTDTC L4740HSTCPrior to S/N 60040 L4740HSTC-3Prior to S/N 60040 L5030HSTC L5240HSTCPrior to S/N 60040 L5740HSTCPrior to S/N 60098 L5740HSTC-3Prior to S/N 60098 M105SC M105SDTC M105XDTC M108XDTC M110DTCEff. S/N 50525 M110FCNew Type Compressor, Eff. S/N 10118 M120DTCEff. S/N 50840 M120FCEff. S/N 50840 M125XDTC M4900CEff. S/N 12984 M4900DTCEff. S/N 53341 M5700CEff. S/N 11018 M5700DTCEff. S/N 54242 M5700HDCEff. S/N 54242 M6800HDCEff. S/N 65763 M6800SCEff. S/N 21579 M6800SDTCEff. S/N 65763 M8200CEff. S/N 11019 M8200DTCEff. S/N 54364 M8200HDCEff. S/N 54288 M9000CEff. S/N 11323 M9000DTCEff. S/N 58437 M9000DTMCEff. S/N 58437 M9000HDCEff. S/N 58282 M95SDTC M95XDTC
RTV1100CRPrior to S/N 12424 RTV1100CWPrior to S/N 12424
Massey Ferguson

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