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F5196818U2 KIT 11" Dual Stage Clutch Kit, w/ Bearings - Reman

F5196818U2 KIT 11" Dual Stage Clutch Kit, w/ Bearings - Reman

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F5196818U2 KIT 11" Dual Stage Clutch Kit, w/ Bearings - Reman Notes

Multiple clutch options, positively identify before ordering.
Includes: PPA, D2094404 (Captive Disc), F5176450 (Flywheel Disc), 8301080 (Release Bearing), 836015 (Release Bearing), 836303 (Pilot Bearing) & 836203 (Pilot Bearing)

The F5196818U2 KIT 11" Dual Stage Clutch Kit, w/ Bearings - Reman fits equipment brands such as: Case IH, New Hollan

F5196818U2 KIT 11" Dual Stage Clutch Kit, w/ Bearings - Reman Specs

  • Size 11"
  • Flywheel Step 0.020"
  • PPA Levers 6
  • Captive Disc Spec 5 Pad; 1-9/16" 14 Spline Hub; Solid Center
  • Flywheel Disc Spec 4 Pad; 1" 10 Spline Hub; Solid Center
  • Reman
  • Sold As Each

Cross Reference Numbers

This Part Fits These Machines

Fit Notes are displayed after the Model

Case IH
100N Farmallw/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc, Mechanical Shuttle 100V Farmallw/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc, Mechanical Shuttle 105N Farmallw/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc 65C FarmallYr. 4/08 thru 12/14, w/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc 75C FarmallYr. 4/08 thru 12/14, w/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc 75N FarmallMechanical Shuttle 85C FarmallMechanical Shuttle 85N FarmallMechanical Shuttle 90CL FarmallMechanical Shuttle 90N FarmallMechanical Shuttle 90V FarmallMechanical Shuttle 95C FarmallMechanical Shuttle 95N FarmallMechanical Shuttle JX1060CMechanical Shuttle JX1070CMechanical Shuttle JX1070NMechanical Shuttle JX1075CMechanical Shuttle JX1075VMechanical Shuttle JX1085CMechanical Shuttle JX1095CMechanical Shuttle JX1095NMechanical Shuttle
New Holland
T4.100FYr. 3/16 thru 12/17, w/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc, Mechanical Shuttle T4.100VYr. 3/16 thru 12/17, w/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc, Mechanical Shuttle T4.105Vw/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc, Mechanical Shuttle T4.85Fw/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc, Mechanical Shuttle T4.85Vw/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc, Mechanical Shuttle T4.90Fw/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc, Mechanical Shuttle T4.90LPw/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc, Mechanical Shuttle T4.90Vw/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc, Mechanical Shuttle T4.95FMechanical Shuttle T4.95VMechanical Shuttle T4020Mechanical Shuttle T4020VMechanical Shuttle T4030Mechanical Shuttle T4030FMechanical Shuttle T4030VMechanical Shuttle T4040Mechanical Shuttle T4040FMechanical Shuttle T4040NMechanical Shuttle T4040VMechanical Shuttle T4050Mechanical Shuttle T4050FMechanical Shuttle T4050NMechanical Shuttle T4050VMechanical Shuttle T4060Fw/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc, Mechanical Shuttle T4060Nw/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc, Mechanical Shuttle T4060Vw/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc, Mechanical Shuttle TN55Eff. 09/99, Mechanical Shuttle TN60AEff. 01/03 TN60VA TN65Eff. 09/99 TN65Fw/ 4-Pad Flywheel Disc, Mechanical Shuttle TN65V TN70Eff. 09/99 TN70AMechanical Shuttle TN70DEff. 09/99 TN70NA TN70VA TN75Eff. 09/99, Mechanical Shuttle TN75AMechanical Shuttle TN75DEff. 09/99, Mechanical Shuttle TN75FMechanical Shuttle TN75VMechanical Shuttle TN75VAMechanical Shuttle TN85AEff. 01/03 TN85DAEff. 01/03 TN85FAEff. 01/03 TN85SAMechanical Shuttle TN90FEff. 09/97, Orchard Tractor TN95AEff. 01/03 TN95DAEff. 01/03 TN95FEff. 10/01,Orchard Tractor TN95FAOrchard Tractor TN95NAOrchard Tractor, Mechanical Shuttle TN95VAEff. 01/03

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