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1280263 Cab Door Gas Strut, 13"

1280263 Cab Door Gas Strut, 13"

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1280263 Cab Door Gas Strut, 13" Notes

Verify length of Gas Strut before ordering.

The 1280263 Cab Door Gas Strut, 13" fits equipment brands such as: Case, Case IH, New Holland

1280263 Cab Door Gas Strut, 13" Specs

  • Location Cab Door
  • Overall Length 13.00"
  • Stroke Length 6.30"
  • Cylinder Diameter .715"
  • Shaft Diameter .315"
  • Socket End Type Ball Socket w/ Clips
  • Newton Force 278
  • New
  • Sold As Each

Cross Reference Numbers


This Part Fits These Machines

Fit Notes are displayed after the Model

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