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911776 Valve Lifter, 1" Diameter, (Pkg. of 12)

911776 Valve Lifter, 1" Diameter, (Pkg. of 12)

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911776 Valve Lifter, 1" Diameter, (Pkg. of 12) Notes

1" diameter, with or without hole

The 911776 Valve Lifter, 1" Diameter, (Pkg. of 12) fits equipment brands such as: Case IH, IH/Navistar Engine, International

911776 Valve Lifter, 1" Diameter, (Pkg. of 12) Specs

  • Dimensions 1" Diameter
  • New
  • Qty. Required 12
  • Sold As Pkg. of 12
  • Warranty 1 Year

Cross Reference Numbers

This Part Fits These Machines

Fit Notes are displayed after the Model

Case IH
1640IH D466 Diesel, To Combine P.I.N. # JJC34,705 1660IH DT466 Diesel, To Combine P.I.N. # JJC38,346 1680IH DT466 Diesel, To Combine P.I.N. # JJC45,
IH/Navistar Engine
DT414 DT436 DT466(To ESN 440,035, Narrow Bearing), (ESN 440,036 - 532,980, Wide Bearing)
250IH DT429 Diesel 250BIH DT429 Diesel
1440IH D436 Diesel 1460IH DT436 Diesel 1470 HillsideIH DT466 Diesel 1480IH DT436 Diesel, To Combine S/N 24,000 615IH C263 Gas 715IH C301 Gas 815IH D414 Diesel 915IH DT414 Diesel, From Combine S/N 2,349
TD15CIH DT466 Diesel TD20BIH DT429 Diesel TD340IH D166 Diesel
4500AIH C157 Gas
H25BIH D188 Diesel H50AIH C301 Gas H50BIH C301 Gas H50CIH C301 Gas H80BIH DT466 Diesel
1066IH DT414 Diesel 1086IH DT414 Diesel 1466IH DT436 Diesel 1486IH DT436 Diesel 1566IH DT436 Diesel 1586IH DT436 Diesel 2400AIH C157 Gas 2400BIH C157 Gas 2405BIH C157 Gas 2410BIH C157 Gas 2504IH D188 Diesel 2544IH C200 Gas 2606IH C221 Gas 2656IH C263 Gas 2706IH C263 Gas 2756IH C291 Gas 2806IH C301 Gas 2826IH C301 Gas 2856IH C301 Gas 300IH C169 Gas 3388IH DT436 Diesel 340IH D166 Diesel 3400AIH C175 Gas, Non-Sleeved 3488IH DT466 Diesel 350IH C175 Gas 3500AIH C200 Gas 3514IH C175 Gas, Non-Sleeved 3588IH DT466 Diesel 3600AIH C263 Gas 3616IH C221 Gas 3688IH D436 Diesel 3788IH DT466 Diesel 3800IH C263 Gas 3850IH C263 Gas 4100IH DT429 Diesel 4156IH DT429 Diesel 4166IH DT436 Diesel 4186IH DT436 Diesel 4366IH DT466 Diesel 4386IH DT466 Diesel 4500BIH C157 Gas 454IH C157 Gas 460IH C221 Gas 464IH C175 Gas, Non-Sleeved 504IH D188 Diesel 5088IH DT436 Diesel 5288IH DT466 Diesel 544IH C200 Gas 5488IH DT466 Diesel 560IH C263 Gas 574IH C200 Gas 606IH C221 Gas 6388IH DT436 Diesel 656IH C263 Gas 6588IH DT466 Diesel 660IH C263 Gas 666IH C291 Gas 674IH C200 Gas 6788IH DT466 Diesel 686IH C291 Gas 706IH C263 Gas 7288IH DT466 Diesel 7388IH DT466 Diesel 7488IH DT466 Diesel 756IH C291 Gas 766IH C291 Gas & IH D360 Diesel 806IH C301 Gas 826IH C301 Gas 856IH C301 Gas 886IH D360 Diesel 966IH D414 Diesel 986IH D436 Diesel HIH C152 Gas HVIH C152 Gas Hydro 100IH D436 Diesel Hydro 186IH D436 Diesel Hydro 70IH C291 Gas Hydro 86IH C291 Gas Super HIH C164 Gas Super HVIH C164 Gas Super W4IH C164 Gas W4IH C152 Gas

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