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F8N63S NEW 9" Single Stage Pressure Plate - New

F8N63S NEW 9" Single Stage Pressure Plate - New

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F8N63S NEW 9" Single Stage Pressure Plate - New Notes

9" Single Stage Pressure Plate - New

The F8N63S NEW 9" Single Stage Pressure Plate - New fits equipment brands such as: Ford

F8N63S NEW 9" Single Stage Pressure Plate - New Specs

  • Size 9"
  • Flywheel Step Flat
  • PPA Levers 3
  • PPA Springs 6 Coil Springs
  • New
  • Sold As Each
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Wt. 11.25 lbs.

Cross Reference Numbers

This Part Fits These Machines

Fit Notes are displayed after the Model

20301942 - 47, Single Clutch 2N1939 - 42 600Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 601Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 611Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 620Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 621Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 630Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 631Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 640Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 641Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 650Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 651Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 660Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 661Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 671Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 681Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 7001953 - 57, Single Clutch 701Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 740Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 741Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 771Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 8001953 - 57, Single Clutch 801Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 811Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 820Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 821Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 841Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 850Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 851Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 860Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 861Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 871Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 881Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 8N1942 - 47, Single Clutch 9001953 - 57, Single Clutch 901Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 941Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 950Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 951Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 960Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 961Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 971Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 981Yr. 53/57, Single Clutch 9N1947 - 52, Single Clutch Dexta1953 - 57, Single Clutch JubileeSingle Clutch NAA1953 - 57, Single Clutch Super Dexta1953 - 57, Single Clutch

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