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HCP115256990 Crankshaft

HCP115256990 Crankshaft

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HCP115256990 Crankshaft Notes

For engines with noncrank driven balancers, only. Bearings are not included.

The HCP115256990 Crankshaft fits equipment brands such as: Case, Case IH, Ford, New Holland, Shibaura

HCP115256990 Crankshaft Specs

  • Flange Flat; 6 bolt holes; 1 dowel hole
  • New
  • Snout Tapered & threaded; 1 pin; 1 Keyway; Crank Gear not installed (22.5mm wide)
  • Sold As Each
  • Warranty 1 Year

Cross Reference Numbers

This Part Fits These Machines

Fit Notes are displayed after the Model

410Shibaura, N844L, Yr. 2/05-, & Shibaura, N844LT-D, Yr. 1/08- Series 3 420Shibaura, N844LT, Yr. 2/05, BSN N7M466710 420CTShibaura, N844LT, Yr. 3/06-12/07, BSN N7M455401 SR130Shibaura, N844L, Yr. 5/13, & Shibaura, N844L-D, Yr. 5/13- TIER 4B SR150Shibaura, N844LTA-D, Yr. 10/13- SR175Shibaura, N844LT-D, Yr. 4/11-, & Shibaura, N844LTA-D, Yr. 5/13- SV185Shibaura, N844LT-D, Yr. 4/11-, & Shibaura, N844LTA-D, Yr. 5/13-
Case IH
45 FarmallShibaura, N844L-D, Yr. 3/09- 45A FarmallShibaura, N844L-D, Yr. 3/10- 45B FarmallShibaura, N844L-D, Above P.I.N. ZCME21001 50 FarmallShibaura, N844L-D, Yr. 3/09- 50B FarmallShibaura, N844L-D, CVT Transmission, Above P.I.N. ZCME21001 60 FarmallShibaura, N844LT-D, w/ ROPS, & Shibaura, N844LTA-D, w/ Cab D45Shibaura, N844L, Yr. 12/00-12/02 and 8/03-12/07 DX45Shibaura, N844L, Yr. 12/00-11/03 and 11/03-12-07 DX48Shibaura, N844L, Yr. 11/03- DX55Shibaura, N844LT-D, Yr. 2/07-, Shibaura, N844LTA-D, Yr. 8/07-, & Shibaura, N844LT, Yr. 10/03- DX60Shibaura, N844LT-D, Yr. 2/07-, & Shibaura, N844LTA-D, Yr. 8/07-
3415Shibaura, N844L, Yr. 1/93-12/02
New Holland
C175Shibaura, N844LT, Yr. 1/07-12/07, & Shibaura, N844LTA-D, Yr. 1/08-3/11 L175Shibaura, N844LT, Yr. 1/07-12/07, & Shibaura, N844LTA-D, Yr. 1/08- L213Shibaura, N844L, Yr. 10/13-, & Shibaura, N844L-D, Yr. 5/13- TIER 4B L215Shibaura, N844LTA-D, Yr. 10/13- L218Shibaura, N844LTA-D, Yr. 5/13- L220Shibaura, N844LTA-D, Yr. 5/13-
Boomer 3045Shibaura, N844L-D, Yr. 5/08- Boomer 4055Shibaura, N844LTA-D, Yr. 5/08- Boomer 4060Shibaura, N844LTA-D, Yr. 5/08- Boomer 8NShibaura, N844L-D, Yr. 6/09- T1530Shibaura, N844L-D, Yr. 9/09- T2320Shibaura, N844L-D, Yr. 11/07- T2330Shibaura, N844L-D, Yr. 11/07- T2410Shibaura, N844LT-D, Yr. 2/07- T2420Shibaura, N844LT-D, Yr. 2/07- w/ ROPS, & Shibaura, N844LTA-D, Yr. 2/07- w/ Cab TC45Shibaura, N844L, Yr. 11/99- TC45AShibaura, N844L, Yr. 10/03- TC45DShibaura, N844L, Yr. 11/99- TC45DAShibaura, N844L, Yr. 10/03- TC48DAShibaura, N844L, Yr. 11/03- TC55DAShibaura, N844LT, Yr. 10/03- Workmaster 45Shibaura, N844L-D, Yr. 1/10- Workmaster 55Shibaura, N844LT-D, Yr. 5/12-
N844L, Tier 1 & 22.216 Liter, 2 Layer MLS Head Gasket, 37mm Intake Valves N844L-D, Tier 32.216 Liter, 3 Layer MLS Head Gasket, 37mm Intake Valves N844LT, Tier 1 & 22.216 Liter, Turbocharged; 2 Layer MLS Head Gasket, 37mm Intake Valves N844LT-D, Tier 32.216 Liter, Turbocharged; 3 Layer MLS Head Gasket, 37mm Intake Valves N844LTA-D, Tier 32.216 Liter, Turbocharged & Aftercooled; 3 Layer MLS Head Gasket, 37mm Intake Valves


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