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HCTAT27622 Fuel Line Connector Kit

HCTAT27622 Fuel Line Connector Kit

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HCTAT27622 Fuel Line Connector Kit Notes

Barb style hose fitting.
The HCTAT27622 Fuel Line Connector Kit fits equipment brands such as: John Deere

HCTAT27622 Fuel Line Connector Kit Specs

  • New
  • Sold As Each
  • Warranty 1 Year

Cross Reference Numbers

This Part Fits These Machines

Fit Notes are displayed after the Model

John Deere
10324-239 Diesel 10424-239 Diesel 10556-359 Diesel 10656-359T Diesel 1068H6-359T Diesel 10726-359T Diesel10756-359T Diesel 10856-359 Diesel 11334-239 Diesel 11444-239 Diesel 11576-359 Diesel 11586-359T Diesel11666-359T Diesel 11696-359T Diesel 11706-359T Diesel 11746-359T Diesel 33004-219 Diesel 44006-329 Diesel44206-329 Diesel & 6-359 Diesel 44256-359 Diesel 44356-359 Diesel 66006-329 Diesel 9354-239 Diesel 9404-239 Diesel94006-359 Diesel 9424-239 Diesel 9506-329 Diesel 9556-359 Diesel 9606-329 Diesel 9656-359T Diesel 965H6-359T Diesel968H6-359T Diesel 9756-359T Diesel 9856-359T Diesel
4994-219 Diesel & 6-329 Diesel 6996-329 Diesel 99006-329 Diesel & 6-359 Diesel 99106-359 Diesel 99206-359 Diesel & 6-359T Diesel99306-359T Diesel
4824-219 Diesel & 4-239 Diesel 4846-329 Diesel & 6-359 Diesel 74406-359 Diesel 74456-359 Diesel & 6-359T Diesel74506-359T Diesel
3503-152 Diesel 350B3-152 Diesel & 3-164 Diesel 350C3-164 Diesel 400G4-239 Diesel 4504-202 Diesel & 4-219 Diesel450B4-219 Diesel 450C4-219T Diesel 450D4-219T Diesel 450E4-276 Diesel & 4-276T Diesel 450G4-276 Diesel & 4-276T Diesel455D4-219 Diesel & 4-219T Diesel 455E4-276 Diesel & 4-276T Diesel 455G4-276 Diesel & 4-276T Diesel 5504-276T Diesel550A4-276T Diesel 550B4-276T Diesel 550G4-276T Diesel 5554-276T Diesel 555A4-276T Diesel 555B4-276T Diesel555G4-276T Diesel 650G4-276T Diesel 6556-414T Diesel 655B6-414T Diesel 7506-414T Diesel 750B6-414T Diesel7556-414T Diesel 755A6-414T Diesel 755B6-414T Diesel
290D4-239 Diesel 490D4-276 Diesel 495D4-276T Diesel 590D4-276T Diesel 5954-276T Diesel 690D6-414T Diesel690DR6-414T Diesel 70D4-239 Diesel
493D4-276 Diesel 6436-414T Diesel 643D6-414T Diesel 693D6-414T Diesel
3803-152 Diesel 4804-202 Diesel 480A4-219 Diesel 480B4-219 Diesel 480C4-219 Diesel 482C4-239 Diesel
210C4-239 Diesel 300B3-152 Diesel 302A3-164 Diesel 3103-164 Diesel 310A4-219 Diesel 310B4-219 Diesel310C4-239T Diesel 315C4-239T Diesel 315D4-239 Diesel 344-239 Diesel 401A4-219 Diesel 401B4-219 Diesel401C4-219 Diesel 4104-219 Diesel 410B4-219 Diesel 410C4-276 Diesel 415B4-239 Diesel 454-239 Diesel 510B4-276 Diesel510C4-276T Diesel 510D4045T Diesel 610B4-276T Diesel 610C4-276T Diesel 710B6-329T Diesel & 6-359T Diesel710C6-359T Diesel
5706-303 Diesel & 6-329T Diesel 570A6-329T Diesel 570B6-359 Diesel 6706-414T Diesel 670A6-414T Diesel 670B6-414T Diesel672A6-414T Diesel 672B6-414T Diesel
243-152 Diesel 704-239 Diesel
340D4-276 Diesel 4404-202 Diesel 440A4-219 Diesel 440B4-219T Diesel 440C4-276 Diesel 440D4-276T Diesel448D4-276T Diesel 5406-303 Diesel 540A6-329 Diesel 540B4-276T Diesel 540D4-276T Diesel 548D4-276T Diesel6406-414T Diesel 640D6-414T Diesel 648D6-414T Diesel
6004-219 Diesel 6000 Hi-Cycle4-219 Diesel, 4-219T Diesel & 4-239 Diesel 600A4-219 Diesel 7343-152 Diesel
544ETC6-359T Diesel
10203-152 Diesel & 3-179 Diesel 10303-152 Diesel & 3-164 Diesel 10403-179 Diesel 11203-164 Diesel 11303-164 Diesel11403-179 Diesel 16404-239 Diesel 18304-219 Diesel 18404-239 Diesel 20204-202 Diesel 20304-219 Diesel20354-219 Diesel 20403-164 Diesel, 3-179 Diesel & 4-239 Diesel 2040S4-239 Diesel 21204-219 Diesel21304-239 Diesel, 4-276 Diesel & 4-276T Diesel 21354-239 Diesel 22404-239 Diesel 22504-239 Diesel 2250F4-239 Diesel23553-179 Diesel & 4-239 Diesel 2355N3-179T Diesel 24404-219 Diesel, Eng. S/N 275,484-> 24504-239 Diesel 2450F4-239 Diesel25104-202 Diesel & 4-219 Diesel 25204-219 Diesel 25504-239 Diesel 26304-276 Diesel 26404-276 Diesel28406-329 Diesel, Eng. S/N 277,549-> 29406-359 Diesel 29506-359 Diesel 29556-359 Diesel 3003-152 Diesel 3013-152 Diesel301A3-152 Diesel 3023-164 Diesel 30306-329 Diesel 30406-359T Diesel 30506-359 Diesel 30556-359 Diesel31106-359 Diesel 31206-329 Diesel 31306-329 Diesel 31406-359T Diesel 31506-359 Diesel 31556-359 Diesel32106-359 Diesel 32556-359T Diesel 33506-359T Diesel 36406-359 Diesel 36506-359T Diesel 4014-202 Diesel401D4-219 Diesel 40306-329 Diesel 40406-359 Diesel 40506-359T Diesel 53004-239 Diesel 5300N4-239 Diesel8203-152 Diesel 8303-152 Diesel & 3-164 Diesel, Eng. S/N <-179,602 9203-152 Diesel 9303-164 Diesel & 4-219 Diesel9403-179 Diesel & 4-239 Diesel 9556-329 Diesel & 6-359 Diesel
244E4-239 Diesel 344E4-276 Diesel 4446-329T Diesel & 6-359 Diesel 444C6-329T Diesel 444CH6-329T Diesel444D6-329T Diesel & 6-359 Diesel 444E4-276T Diesel 5446-303 Diesel & 6-329 Diesel 544A6-329T Diesel 544B6-414 Diesel & 6-414T Diesel544C6-414T Diesel 544D6-414T Diesel 544E6-359T Diesel 544ELL6-359T Diesel 624E6-414T Diesel
22504-219 Diesel 22704-219 Diesel 22804-219 Diesel 23204-219 Diesel 23604-239 Diesel 24204-219 Diesel34304-239 Diesel

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