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HCTRE53422 Crankshaft

HCTRE53422 Crankshaft

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HCTRE53422 Crankshaft Notes

Short snout (3.00"). Front Crankshaft Key HCTR116311 is required for the front damper. Bearings not included.

  • Freight Truck Only
  • Drop ship item - please allow extra time for delivery

In some blocks with casting R40620 the crank may hit the block near the oil pump mounting and requires grinding approximately 1/8" from the crank or block for clearance.

This crankshaft is featured in our blog post, "Rebuild your Engine during your Winter Downtime." Read it here.

The HCTRE53422 Crankshaft fits equipment brands such as: John Deere

HCTRE53422 Crankshaft Specs

  • Casting Number R56919; R56934; R56979; R63451; RE42675; RE53203
  • Flange Centering Ring; 6 bolt holes; 1 dowel hole
  • New
  • Snout Straight; 1 bolt hole; 1 Keyway; Oil Pump Drive Gear installed
  • Sold As Each
  • Warranty 1 Year

Cross Reference Numbers

This Part Fits These Machines

Fit Notes are displayed after the Model

John Deere
11776-466 Diesel 11856076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 11886-466 Diesel 20566076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 20586076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 20646076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 20666076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 66006-404 Diesel, S/N 335,846-> 66006-466 Diesel 66026-404T Diesel 66026-466T Diesel, S/N 253,373-> 66206-466T Diesel, S/N 253,373-> 66206-466 Diesel 66226-466T Diesel 77006-466 Diesel 77006-404T Diesel 77006-404 Diesel, S/N 335,846-> 77206-466T Diesel, S/N 253,373-> 77226-466T Diesel, S/N 253,373-> 88206-466 Diesel 88206-466T Diesel, S/N <-253,372 95006076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 9500SH6076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 96006076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 CTS6076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657
6466-404T Diesel 646B6-404T Diesel 646C6-466T Diesel, S/N <-67,684
99406-466 Diesel 99506-466 Diesel, Engine S/N 67685-> 99606076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 99656076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 99706076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657
850B6-466 Diesel, Engine S/N 67685-> 850C6076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657
6906-404T Diesel 690A6-404T Diesel 690B6-404T Diesel 690C6-466T Diesel, S/N 253,373-> 690CR6-466T Diesel, S/N 253,373-> 7906-466 Diesel, Engine S/N 67685-> 790D6-466 Diesel, Engine S/N 67685-> 7926-466 Diesel, Engine S/N 67685-> 792DLC6076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 892DLC6-466 Diesel, Engine S/N 67685-> 892ELC6076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657
693B6-404T Diesel 693C6-466T Diesel, S/N 253,373-> 7436-466 Diesel 743A6-466 Diesel 793D6-466 Diesel, Engine S/N 67685->
52006-404 Diesel 54006-404 Diesel 54206-404 Diesel, S/N 335,846-> 54406-404 Diesel 54406-466 Diesel 57206-466 Diesel 57306-466 Diesel, Engine S/N 67685-> 66106076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657
770A6-466 Diesel, Engine S/N 67685-> 770AH6-466T Diesel 770B6076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 770B6-466T Diesel 770BH6076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 770BH6-466T Diesel, S/N 253,373-> 772A6-466 Diesel, Engine S/N 67685-> 772B6-466T Diesel 772B6076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 772BH6076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657
762A6-466 Diesel 762B6-466 Diesel, Engine S/N 67685->
7406-404 Diesel, S/N 335,846-> 740A6-466 Diesel 740E6076T Diesel, Prior to Eng. S/N 187,657 740G6076T Diesel, Prior to Eng. S/N 187,657 748E6076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 748G6076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657
49306-466 Diesel
40006-404 Diesel, S/N 215,000-335,845 40106-404 Diesel, S/N 215,000-> 40206-404 Diesel, S/N 215,000-335,845 40406-404 Diesel, S/N 335,846-> 40506-466 Diesel 40556076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 42306-404 Diesel, S/N 335,846-> 42406-466 Diesel 4240S6-466T Diesel, S/N <-253,372 42506-466T Diesel, S/N 253,373-> 42556076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 43206-404T Diesel 44306-404T Diesel 44406-466T Diesel, S/N <-253,372 44506-466T Diesel, S/N 253,373-> 44556076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 44556-466T Diesel, S/N 253,373-> 45206-404T Diesel 45556076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 45606076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 46206-404 Diesel, S/N <-335,845 46306-404 Diesel, S/N 335,846-> 46506-466 Diesel, Engine S/N 67685-> 47556076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 47606076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 48406-466 Diesel, Engine S/N <-67,684 48506-466 Diesel, Engine S/N 67685-> 49556076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 49606076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 70206-404 Diesel 77006076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 78006076T Diesel, S/N <-187,657 81006076 Diesel 82006076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 83006076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 84306-466 Diesel, Engine S/N <-67,684 84406-466 Diesel, Engine S/N <-253,372 84506-466 Diesel, Engine S/N <-67,684 85606076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 85706076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657
644A6-404T Diesel 644C6-466 Diesel 644D6-466T Diesel, S/N 253,373-> 644E6076T Diesel, Prior to Eng. S/N 187,657 644ER6076 Diesel, S/N <-187,657 644G6076T Diesel, Prior to Eng. S/N 187,657


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