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HM4291311 Bridgelux LED Flood Beam Light, 2880 Lumens

HM4291311 Bridgelux LED Flood Beam Light, 2880 Lumens

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HM4291311 Bridgelux LED Flood Beam Light, 2880 Lumens Notes

Turn heads and light up the fields with our Bridgelux LED Flood Beam Light! 

• Designed with larger cooling fins to dissipate heat to protect from melting and malfunction
• Made of polycarbonate material to maintain the color and strength of the lenses overtime 
• IP67 waterproof rating totally protects against dust as well as 3ft of immersion 
• Recommended for off-road applications

The HM4291311 Bridgelux LED Flood Beam Light, 2880 Lumens fits equipment brands such as: AGCO, Challenger, Massey Ferguson

HM4291311 Bridgelux LED Flood Beam Light, 2880 Lumens Specs

  • Amps (@12V) 3
  • Beam Style Flood
  • Dimensions 7" x 5"
  • Diode Manufacturer Bridgelux LED
  • Installation Plug & Play Connection
  • Lens Material Polycarbonate
  • Location Cab Rear, Fender Rear, Grab Rail, Mid-Body
  • New
  • Raw Lumens 2880
  • Shape Oval
  • Sold As Each
  • Volts 9-32V
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Waterproof Rating IP67
  • Watts 36

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Cross Reference Numbers

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Massey Ferguson
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