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HR159333 SET CREE LED Flood Beam Light Set, 4800 Lumens (Pkg. of 2)

HR159333 SET CREE LED Flood Beam Light Set, 4800 Lumens (Pkg. of 2)

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HR159333 SET CREE LED Flood Beam Light Set, 4800 Lumens (Pkg. of 2) Notes

Equip your cab roof with this LED light set!

  • New and improved design with built-on mounting ears that eliminate brackets, has a larger lens with housing showing and is a lighter weight
  • Flood beams are excellent work lights that illuminate wide and short areas, giving great medium range visibility 
  • Plug & play connection makes installation a breeze
  • Install this light where you need it. Possible installation locations include Cab Front and Rowfinder
  • IP67 waterproof rating protects against dust and 3ft of water immersion 
  • Recommended for off-road applications
  • Includes (2) lights

The HR159333 SET CREE LED Flood Beam Light Set, 4800 Lumens (Pkg. of 2) fits equipment brands such as: Ag-Chem, John Deere

The HR159333 SET is a substitute for the following discontinued products: HR159332, HR159332 KIT, HR159333 KIT, HR159333

HR159333 SET CREE LED Flood Beam Light Set, 4800 Lumens (Pkg. of 2) Specs

  • Amps (@12V) 5
  • Beam Style Flood
  • Dimensions 6.25" x 4"
  • Diode Manufacturer CREE LED
  • Installation Plug & Play Connection
  • Lens Material Polycarbonate
  • Location Cab Front, Row finder
  • New
  • Raw Lumens 4800
  • Shape Rectangular
  • Sold As Pkg. of 2
  • Volts 9-32V
  • Warranty 1 Year
  • Waterproof Rating IP67
  • Watts 60

Cross Reference Numbers

This Part Fits These Machines

Fit Notes are displayed after the Model

RoGator 10642003 - 05, Cab RoGator 1064C2005, Cab RoGator 10742005 - 06 All, 2007 - 08 Eff. S/N SXX1001-TXX9999 RoGator 1074C2006 All, 2007 - 08 Eff. S/N SXX1001-TXX9999, Cab RoGator 6641993 Liquid Only, 1994, Cab RoGator 6641993 Liquid Only, 1994, Cab RoGator 8441995, Cab RoGator 8541995 - 96, 1998 - 02, Cab RoGator 8642003 - 05, Cab RoGator 8742005 - 06, Cab
John Deere
9400Cab & Rowfinder 9410Cab & Rowfinder 9450Cab & Rowfinder 9470STSRowfinder 9500Cab & Rowfinder 9500SHCab & Rowfinder 9510Cab & Rowfinder 9510SHCab, Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe 9540iWTSRowfinder 9540WTSRowfinder 9550Cab & Rowfinder 9550SHCab, Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe 9560S/N <715000, Cab 9560iWTSRowfinder 9560SHRowfinder & Cleaning Shoe 9560STSS/N <715300, Cab & Rowfinder 9560WTSRowfinder 9570STSRowfinder 9580iWTSRowfinder 9580WTSRowfinder 9600Cab & Rowfinder 9610Cab, Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe 9640iWTSS/N <078555, Cab & Rowfinder 9640WTSS/N <078555, Cab & Rowfinder 9650Cab, Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe 9650CTSCab & Rowfinder 9650STSCab, Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe 9660S/N <715200, Cab, Rowfinder, Cleaning Shoe 9660CTSS/N 070231-071384, Cab, Rowfinder, & Cleaning Shoe 9660iWTSS/N <078555, Cab & Rowfinder 9660STSS/N <715600, Cab & Rowfinder 9660WTSS/N <078555, Cab & Rowfinder 9670STSRowfinder 9680iWTSS/N <078555, Cab & Rowfinder 9680WTSS/N <078555, Cab & Rowfinder 9750STSCab, Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe 9760STSS/N <715400, Cab & Rowfinder 9770STSRowfinder 9780CTSS/N <078555, Cab & Rowfinder 9780iCTSS/N <078555, Cab & Rowfinder 9860STSS/N <715600, Cab & Rowfinder 9870STSRowfinder C670Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe CTSRowfinder CTSIICab & Rowfinder S550Rowfinder, Eff. S/N 745100 S650Eff. S/N 765000-785000, Rowfinder, Cleaning Shoe S660Eff. S/N 765172, Rowfinder, Cleaning Shoe S670Eff. S/N 765253, Rowfinder, Cleaning Shoe S670 HillmasterS/N <765000, Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe S680Eff. S/N 766007, Rowfinder, Cleaning Shoe S680 HillmasterS/N <765000, Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe S690Eff. S/N 765250, Rowfinder, Cleaning Shoe S690 HillmasterEff. S/N 745001-765000, Rowfinder, Cleaning Shoe S760Rowfinder, Cleaning Shoe S770Rowfinder, Cleaning Shoe S780Rowfinder, Cleaning Shoe S785Rowfinder S790Rowfinder, Cleaning Shoe T550Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe T560Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe T660Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe T670Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe W540Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe W550Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe W650Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe W660Rowfinder & Cleaning Shoe
9986Cab 9996Cab
7200S/N <508099, Cab 7300S/N <508099, Cab 7400S/N <508099, Cab 7500S/N <508099, Cab 7700Cab 7800Cab 7950w/ Cummins QSK19 Eng., Cab, Rowfinder, & Cleaning Shoe
4890Cab 4895S/N <319999, Cab 4990Cab 4995S/N <319999, Cab

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