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R43724G Exhaust Sleeve, w/ Rings

R43724G Exhaust Sleeve, w/ Rings

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R43724G Exhaust Sleeve, w/ Rings Notes

Includes: R43724 Exhaust Sleeve & (2) 702299 Exhaust Sealing Ring Sets

The R43724G Exhaust Sleeve, w/ Rings fits equipment brands such as: Case IH, International, John Deere

R43724G Exhaust Sleeve, w/ Rings Specs

  • OD 3.535"
  • Width 2.455"
  • New
  • Sold As Each

Cross Reference Numbers

This Part Fits These Machines

Fit Notes are displayed after the Model

Case IH
1660IH DT466 Diesel Engine 1680IH DT466 Diesel Engine
1470 HillsideIH DT466 Diesel Engine
1086IH DT414 Diesel Engine 1486IH DT436 Diesel Engine 1586IH DT436 Diesel Engine
John Deere
1177John Deere 6-466 Diesel Engine 1188John Deere 6-466 Diesel Engine 6600John Deere 6-404 or 6-404T Diesel Engines 6602John Deere 6-404T & 6-466T Diesel Engine 6620John Deere 6-466T Diesel Engine 7700John Deere 6-404 or 6-404T Diesel Engines 7720John Deere 6-466A or 6-466T Diesel Engine 7722John Deere 6-466T Diesel Engine 8820John Deere 6-404A & 6-466T Diesel Engine
743John Deere 6-466 Diesel Engine
5200John Deere 6-404 & 6-404A Diesel Engine 5400John Deere 6-404 & 6-404A Diesel Engine 5440John Deere 6-404, 6-466 & 6-466A Diesel Engine 5720John Deere 6-466 & 6-466A Diesel Engine 5730John Deere 6-404T, 4-66 or 6-466T Diesel Engine
740AJohn Deere 6-466 Diesel Engine
4050John Deere 6-359T & 6-4466 Diesel Engine 4240SJohn Deere 6-466T Diesel Engine 4250John Deere 6-404T & 6-466T Diesel Engine 4320John Deere 6-404T Diesel Engine 4430John Deere 6-404T Diesel Engine 4440John Deere 6-404T Diesel Engine 4450John Deere 6-404T & 6-466T Diesel Engine 4520John Deere 6-404T Diesel Engine 4620John Deere 6-404 & 6-404A Diesel Engine 4630John Deere 6-404 & 6-404A Diesel Engine 4640John Deere 6-466 & 6-466A Diesel Engine 4650John Deere 6-466 & 6-466A Diesel Engine 4840John Deere 6-466 & 6-466A Diesel Engine 4850John Deere 6-404A & 6-466 Diesel Engine 7020John Deere 6-404 & 6-404A Diesel Engine 8430John Deere 6-466 Diesel & 6-466T Diesel, 1975 - 1978 Models 8440John Deere 6-466 & 6-466A Diesel Engine 8450John Deere 6-466 Diesel Engine
644CJohn Deere 6-466 Diesel Engine


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